OPINEL Mirror finish

OPINEL knife Mirror finish Custom

OPINEL Mirror finish
To make a Mirror finish is tough work, but Beautiful custom !

I made a carbon steel Opinel to mirror finish this time.
If you try to INOX blade Opinel, it's same way. How to make mirror finish is no differences between carbon steel and INOX stainless steel almost.
INOX steel is Little bit easier. Because do not have to care for rusting. And INOX steel is not so hard compare to carbon steel. So it means easy to polishing.
I said INOX steel is little bit soft, But it means only relatively meaning. Both metals have enough hardness for cutting use. So it dose not means make a mirror finish blade is easy job.

Especially Opinel's carbon steels blade is not "Sanmai-Awase", but single metal blade. So not only edge but side surface have same hardness.
"Sanmai-Awase" is Japanese blade term meaning clad metal. which use hard metal for edge and soft metals for both side surface.
If your blade have some deep grooved scratch and pin-holed corrosion. it make you force patiently work.

Mirror finish blade show you brilliant refraction Mirror finish blade show you brilliant refraction

Polished mirror finish blade is so beautiful. It's worth to appreciate.

About this OPINEL knife

Mirror finished OPINEL size No.10
I get this OPINEL in 90's. Size is No.10.

It's have some difference compare to new model. Can not rock blade in the folding situation. Also trademarks are little bit classical on a grip and blade. I like it.

OPINEL's old models may be difficult to get recently. And I have nice memories for this model also.
So I made this OPINEL "Mirror Finish" and made it for "Eternal Memory Keeper".

You can see how to make mirror finish after these pages
But those are still translating and written in Japanese. So please enjoy Images as for now.
Yow may read in all English some day.

How to make OPINEL Mirror Finish INDEX

  1. Disassembly OPINEL knife

  2. Make elementary base using sandpaper

  3. Make elementary base using Japanese wet stone

  4. Polish up by sandpaper

  5. Use compound and make it shiny

  6. Check surface condition

  7. Buffing with Red bar (Redoing make base)

  8. Polish finishing

  9. Assembling OPINEL knife

  10. Sharpen OPINEL BLADE with wet stones

  11. Sharpness of OPINEL carbon blade

Before / After for Mirror finish

Before polishing  Remaining grinder groove and so many black rust pin-hole. Not so good condition
Before Mirror finish

Polishing work Make base surface perfectly is most important.
OPINEL at custom

After mirror finish Polish, polish and polish, that's all. Needs patience but blade is shining brilliantly !
Mirror finished blade

Caution for OPINEL knife custom

  • Work at Self-responsibility
  • Care for injure and bleeding
  • Make blade edge dull before work start
  • Sharpening is important and necessary skill. Before mirror finish polishing
  • Do not disassemble OPINEL knife forcibly
  • Prepare and arrange work room and take time for break. if you feel tired and bored, it do not bring you nice result
  • Do not trust internet information completely including this pages. Think well and check surface condition before you move next step

These are self-commandment for me. So I do not obey so much.